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Management Audit is a new unit established in the Land and Mines Office (PTG) all states in Peninsular Malaysia and Kelantan in the AM was founded in mid 2007. It is headed by an Assistant Director (Grade N41 PTN), an Assistant Administrative Officer (N27) , an Administrative assistant (N17) and an assistant Land Officer (N17).


The objective of the Management Audit Division

Enhance and improve the operations of land administration based on policies, regulations, procedures and applicable law.
Evaluate and determine the effectiveness of the control processes and the Governance of the State Land Office.
Audit and report on the results of audits on Jebat-office administration of the State.
Assist in the administration of the State in determining the management to improve the level of efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of state land.
Preparing reports, comments and suggestions to the administration of state land on the performance and outcomes of the programs implemented by the department, in accordance with the goals and objectives set by admin ground state.
Helping to create a culture of excellence, efficient and effective administration, in addition to implementing the charter and friendly service in the administration of state land.

Function of Management Audit

Running the Management Audit and monitoring visits at the offices of land administration to ensure the implementation of land administration in accordance with the policies, rules, procedures and laws of the land.
Review of systems and procedures for the determination of land administration internal controls are adequate and effective.
Review of compliance with laws, regulations, Directives and Policies related to the effect of land administration.
Informed the director of the Land and Mines Kelantan through reports and audit observations for independent, objective and timely information about land administration operations to be audited.