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The Division was established on December 16, 2014, working as a unit to carry out the tasks of prosecution for offenses under the National Land Code 1965 and the Mineral Enactment 2001. This task involves preparation of Investigation Papers run by four people while the prosecution Investigating Officer such cases in the magistrate court and the Sessions conducted by prosecuting officer 2.

The main task involves the breach. File breach opened by the Task Force and Enforcement Division Prosecution after making investigations on the ground. After investigations carried out on the land, the Enforcement Division will submit a report on the investigation dijalanakan to Special Task Division and the Prosecution to check whether there are cases of violation of the conditions or not.

If there are cases of violation of the conditions, the unit will open the file in violation of the terms and continue with the proceedings chaired by the Director of Land and Mines Department (PTG) or the Deputy PM and carried out in the presence of the registered owner of the land or deputy and assistant director of Special Task Force and prosecution as well as some officials other. The process of inquiry requires landowners to submit the reasons and principles of consideration for the PM to take into account for the imposition of fines.